Thursday, September 12, 2013

The value of educated life

Education is highly valued in our society, we tend to put people with a higher education on a pedestal. I mean why not? They know more because they've been schooled longer. In my opinion learning doesn't happen in the classroom, it happens through real world experiences. Although, you can't get a job from what you've learned through your own mistake, so we go to school, some go for their love of learning, others go to get an education for a good job, or even because it seems socially unacceptable to not attend a college. I happen to be one of the people that come to a college to get a good job, well my dream job. I didn't come to Wartburg for psychology program, I came because of the homely feel. I love that everyone is friendly and the professor care about their students. I came to Wartburg because I could see myself here. I chose to go to a college because I know I need a college education if I ever want to achieve my dreams of working for the FBI and also because the thought of not going to college never crossed my mind. So yes I think we learn more from ourselves than from teachers, but I also understand that in order to obtain my goals I needed to attend a college to further my education.

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  1. In reality, we are all here to further our education. The second part though is that now you're here, what will you do with your time and opportunities?