Sunday, November 17, 2013

New talents

I recently learned to crochet. I found it is very relaxing as well as satisfying. I stayed in this weekend and crocheted and watched movies with a few friends. Everyone usually goes out and drinks,but I feel knowing how to crochet will be something I can do my whole life and not just while I'm young. It is less hazardous to my health and more productive. I can make things for friends and myself. It just super exciting that I learned to crochet. :)


Noises. We all make them. Some are cute. Some are annoying and obnoxious. Some are just plan gross. But it is human nature to make such noises. We should embrace our sounds,my hey make us unique. I for one am proud of my obnoxious, loud, squeaky laugh. I snort, cry, and I squeal when I laugh. I love it. People might stare or judge, but I'm just being myself. I refuse to change for anyone. I will always be me with my weird noises and smells and habits. They make me unique and genuine. Be yourself, for nobody should judge you unless they are insecure with themselves.

Nap time

When we are young we hate it, when we are old we want it. Yes nap time. When we get older our batteries run out faster and we need to recharge more often. Nap time should be essential as we age to keep us healthy and energized. Young kids are full of energy why do they need naps? They have enough energy to power to world. Then when they get old they can nap. They would much rather run around than sleep. So schools should offer a nap period, not meaning study hall.  

Writing papers

I feel papers are pointless. They don't really show much especially when teachers grade spelling and grammar, and the way it flows. I have ADD so there is no flow in my thought process so I can't make a paper flow. So I fail most papers. Just grade on wether I know the content, grade my understanding of something. Papers are hard I'd rather take tests everyday. I am not an English major I don't need to write papers in life! I need knowledge, not papers. Well my train of thought derailed...

Myth or Truth

Is Bigfoot real? Or is he a figment of so many people's imagination? I believe in the possibility of the existence of Bigfoot and other mythical creatures. We are still discovering new species everyday, so there is a possibility of unknown creatures living in the woods. Myths and legends and are based in some truth. Dragons were real they were hunted into extinction. Bigfoot just wants to be left alone so he hides from our sight. Werewolves are real. People who are werewolves suffer from lycanthropy, a mental disorder where the person truly believe they turn into a wolf. So these things are real but maybe not as we imagine them.

Her Dream Day

Every girl dreams of her wedding day. The perfect dress, the perfect venue, the tastiest food, and most importantly the perfect guy, all make for a perfect wedding. I personally can't wait to go dress shopping and to see my boyfriends eyes when I walk down the isle looking stunning in my dress. I want an A-line or mermaid style dress, those are my favorite and look the most flattering on me. My best friend Taylor will be my maid of honor. That's really all the detail I have planned out. But I still can't wait. If I was rich  my dream wedding would be an edible wedding. Like the one room in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. That would be the best thing ever. Every wedding is perfect as long as the couple is truly in love.

The Greatest Cat in the World

I think the greatest cat in the world is the Munchkin cat. They are the most adorable thing ever! They are the feline version of a Corgi. They run around carried by short little legs. I have decided to get one when my cat passes away. My cat is just a farm cat that I rescued. I bottle feed her, waking up many times in the middle of the night to take care of her. She is like a child to me. I wish she could be here with me but cats aren't allowed at college. But once she is gone I will get another cat. Not to replace her with, but to fill the empty void in my life that with be left when she dies.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Horror Movies

I love scary movies. Most people cringe at them, but its what I live for. The scarier the better. I never get scared so if a movie brings terror to my heart then I know it was truly a good one. I have seen so many scary movies that I can usually tell someone exactly what will happen during a movie I have never even seen, but when I'm wrong about it I cherish it. I love the adrenaline rush I get when I'm scared, my body gets all tingly and warm. Its the best! Most people don't think scary movies are good date movies, I beg to differ. What isn't good about having an excuse to hold on to a cute guys hand or use his shoulder to hide your eyes? Nothing at all! Plus a guy would probably much rather go to a horror film than a chick flick. So I say bring on the movies and make them good, because I'm almost unscareable. :D


My view on tattoos is if a person wants one go for it, but make sure its something that has meaning and you won't regret it in 6 years. I do have a tattoo, on my ankle, it was the best choice I have made. It has a deep meaning to me. Not all people share my view though, some associate tattoos with gangsters and bikers and generally bad people. Some jobs will deny you just because you have a tattoo. Its not right but it happens. I think people should be judged not by the way they look, but by the way they act.

Hook Ups, Break Ups, and Make Ups

Why is relationship status so important to so many people? Why do so many people think they need a boyfriend/ girlfriend to survive? In high school it seems like the end of the world if you're single. Why? Being single allows you to explore who you are, it lets you do what you want when you want. You can look at guys/ girls and not feel bad you find them attractive. Why give up that freedom so early? You are still young, no rush at all. Sure I've been dumped and I've done the dumping a number of times. It seems like the end of the world, but its not. Being in a relationship lets you explore what you like and don't like in the opposite sex. You have your whole life to find a soul mate. While you're young just focus on you and what you need to do in life. Go for your goals and never change them for anyone other than yourself. If someone asks you to change they don't truly love you. So follow your dreams and if that special someone shows up in your life then cherish them, but it probably won't happen during high school.

My future plans

I have it all figured out. I know where I want to live and what I want to do. I want to move to California after college to become a model, while attending grad school. By the time I finish grad school my modeling career will be just about over, because modeling has such a small window of opportunity. Once I am finished with my modeling career I will move back to Iowa to settle down near my family. I will hopefully begin my job with the FBI as a criminal profiler. After that I will see where life leads me. It's pretty relaxing knowing exactly what I want to do in life. It takes a bit of stress off my shoulders. I know in my heart being a criminal profiler, ideally for the FBI, is what I want to do for a career. I like to figure out what makes people tick, why the do what they do or act how they act. I love analyzing human behavior, it truly brings joy to my life. :)

Home sickness

I've been feeling super home sick lately. I'm not sure how to cope. I just really want to go home every weekend and be with my family and cat. I feel like I'm just to far from home. I'm a very family oriented person so this is super hard for me. Its almost unbearable. I just don't know what to do.

How to handle hard- to- hadle roommates

My roommate and I are two very different people. She is almost my exact opposite. I am usually a very tolerant person, I can put up with the most annoying things fairly well (thanks to living with little brothers). But my roommate is super messy, and her stuff isn't just on her side of the room. She has clutter everywhere and boxes she still hasn't unpacked! I mean seriously how can someone still not be unpacked!?! I try to deal with it but I feel as though she doesn't realize I have to live there too. I know I'm not the cleanest person ever but I feel like I should try to be not that I have to share a room. To me its like she doesn't even care. She has a lot of down time she could use to clean but she takes naps instead. I don't know how to say it nicely that I hate all her clutter. AHHHHHH!!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Well my Sunday didn't go as planned... I ended up spending all afternoon in the hospital. I landed on my ankle wrong coming out of a stunt. When I landed I heard a snap and felt instant pain. This is why I think people should think cheerleading is a real sport. We are real athletes, it takes more to throw a person than it does to throw a ball. Cheerleading requires every team member's full attention, because instead of missing a block or a score we could miss a person. Cheerleading is more dangerous than football and doesn't get the respect it truly deserves. I say people should look at cheerleading the way I do, it is a sport.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

True friends

What is a true friend? A true friend doesn't judge you, a true friend never leaves you. She/ He is the one person you feel most comfortable with. The one person you can tell anything and not worry about them telling other people. True friends are the people that no matter how far away from each other you are you still seem like you're next door neighbors. They are the people who tell it like it is ( but in a nice manor). The ones who always have your back and will defend you if they hear people talking shit. Friends in their truest form are like family, they are the people that you can't live without. They are the ones who make your life wonderful and you know your life would be much different without. They are always there with a laugh when you want to cry, or with a shoulder to cry on. If you need them they will be there at the drop of a hat, no matter where they are or what they are doing. They show up with Ben and Jerry's and chick flicks when you've just had your heart ripped out. They fly across the country so be there on your wedding day. They are the people who can never let you down. They forgive your mistakes, they help you move on, they help you stay strong. True friends are like bras; they are always there for support and close to your heart. Your family, your life line, your strength, and your joy, that's what a true friend is to me.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Laundry time

I have discovered that it is much easier to complete my homework while doing my laundry than sitting down at my desk trying to complete my work. I get more done in an hour and a half while doing laundry than I do in three hours in my room. It might be because there are less distractions; nobody yelling the halls or turning their music up to loud. I have always found laundry relaxing, well at least the folding part. I think I find it so much easier to do my homework in the laundry room because I literally have nothing better to do with that time while my laundry is going.

The value of educated life

Education is highly valued in our society, we tend to put people with a higher education on a pedestal. I mean why not? They know more because they've been schooled longer. In my opinion learning doesn't happen in the classroom, it happens through real world experiences. Although, you can't get a job from what you've learned through your own mistake, so we go to school, some go for their love of learning, others go to get an education for a good job, or even because it seems socially unacceptable to not attend a college. I happen to be one of the people that come to a college to get a good job, well my dream job. I didn't come to Wartburg for psychology program, I came because of the homely feel. I love that everyone is friendly and the professor care about their students. I came to Wartburg because I could see myself here. I chose to go to a college because I know I need a college education if I ever want to achieve my dreams of working for the FBI and also because the thought of not going to college never crossed my mind. So yes I think we learn more from ourselves than from teachers, but I also understand that in order to obtain my goals I needed to attend a college to further my education.