Sunday, November 17, 2013

Writing papers

I feel papers are pointless. They don't really show much especially when teachers grade spelling and grammar, and the way it flows. I have ADD so there is no flow in my thought process so I can't make a paper flow. So I fail most papers. Just grade on wether I know the content, grade my understanding of something. Papers are hard I'd rather take tests everyday. I am not an English major I don't need to write papers in life! I need knowledge, not papers. Well my train of thought derailed...

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  1. There was just a recent study that showed that college graduates are not being placed in jobs because they do not have writing and reasoning skills. You will find that writing will be something that will be needed in whatever career you choose. In the FBI you will need to fill out many, many reports. As a result, writing is an essential skill to master.